Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Mystery- I'd like to buy a vowel

Part of one of my favourite Christmas decorations has vanished, and there's no ransom demand. Yet.

After my tree trimming party Saturday night, I discovered the O missing from my set of four shiny red letters that spell out NOEL. My sweetie and I move the pieces around the house nearly every day during the Christmas season. Sometimes, it's NOEL in the powder room, sometimes on the TV, tomorrow perhaps on a windowsill. You just never know.

Why take the O? Why not the L or perhaps the N? Maybe the thief knew O is one of the more important letters in the set. With it, we could still have OLE or ONE, but instead it's only LEN, or ELN. It's just not the same.

I have my suspicions about who might have taken it, since they left a note at the front door. Also, I received in email a link to a Youtube video from Sesame Street, where a muppet offers Ernie the chance to buy an O, and calls it a bargain, since you get two sounds for one. Only or On. You know, that IS a bargain for only a nickel!

Are the forwarders of the link the thieves or merely knowledgeable about the theft? The mystery deepens.


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