Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Recommendation: Another Collingwood Blogger

Today's recommendation is not about politics or scandal, but about achievement and satisfaction and a really cool girl.

You should check out Michelle Kusiar's blog. She is terrific.

If you're a former figure skater of a certain age, you might remember Michelle's mom, Rose Kusiar, the coolest coach ever in her Hudson's Bay coat (I still want one of those...). Michelle was shaping up to be a pretty fine curler in the early years of the Corporate league in Collingwood, and now, she's a mom and a ... well, amazing.

Michelle's blog is very new, and details her personal journey on the road to fitness and happiness. It's well written, although technical when it comes to some of the workouts. (some of the numbers etc., appear to be insider code for certain moves and requirements in the gym, and I haven't figured them out just yet...) She's on my favourites list and she should be on yours too, if only for the inspiration.

Oh, I really must go for a run today...

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