Friday, June 7, 2013

Voter Apathy Explained

One of my girlfriends refuses to vote.

It's a conscious, deliberate choice. She says it's just too much work to sort through who's a thief and who's a crook. She says once they get into power, the people who look like good guys inevitably become thieves and crooks and she doesn't want to taint herself by associating with those people.

As one who follows politics, I have found her attitude depressing and for many years, naive and off the mark. Lately, she's looking like a genius.

The senators who used to be journalists bellying up to the trough are making me a bit queasy, especially since we know very well what they would have to say should such a scandal have broken out on their watch.

The emails deleted and otherwise destroyed in connection with the cancelled electricity plants are quite a shock.

Questions about crack make me choke.

And the questions in my hometown about sole-sourced contracts and family connections at town hall make me consider a divorce from municipal politics.

I have always felt it my duty to vote, but also to vote consciously, to be informed of the issues and back the politician who most reflects my values.

But with all the nasty, possibly illegal stuff I'm hearing about, I'm starting to think the Rhinocerous Party isn't such a ridiculous invention after all, and as voter turnout rates continue to drop, I know I'm not alone.


  1. Ahh, the Rhinoceros Party. The 1st vote I ever cast was for them. Circa. 1980 I think.

  2. I miss the Rhinos too. In a very weird way they managed to keep politicians a little bit more honest. You are so not alone!


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