Monday, October 6, 2014

Local Politics and Local Sports

I got a strange email today from a sports club I belong to.

It suggested who I should vote for in the upcoming town council election.

A sports club. Endorsing political candidates. I'm not kidding.

The club in question is the Curling Club of Collingwood, which is undergoing a million-dollar renovation in cooperation with the town, which owns its building. The email states that since the incumbents voted for the renovation, members should support their bids for re-election.

What business does a sports club have endorsing any candidate, I ask you?

My answer is: none at all, ever. No matter whether the council candidates voted to renovate the building, whether any of them play on its ice or if one of them once said something nice about Jennifer Jones amazing shot to win the Canadian championship several years ago.

Furthermore, I think campaign literature should not be allowed to be distributed in a public building during registration for a sports club's season, as was allowed last Saturday during registration.

I encourage all curlers to make up their own minds, irrespective of what the club's leaders have to say. I also encourage the club to stay out of politics and stick to sports.

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