Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sausage and Democracy

I'm starting to believe there may be some merit to monarchy and sense in dictatorships after a pair of distressing conversations with moron voters in our municipal election.

One of my fellow voters was very happy to tell me she had voted for the people on the ballot whose name she recognised. To her, it is as though the ballot is actually a test: a name recognition test.

I asked if she had given any consideration to whether the people she voted for had any experience that might make them suitable for the job, or if she had taken the time to read or listen to or watch anything about the other candidates. Perhaps those names she recognised were in a police report in the paper. No, she insisted, she knew them, so she was voting for them. Had she MET them? I asked. "No, but I know them." I had to move to another conversation because my palm and a little muscle in my left eyebrow had begun to twitch with irritation.

Another person I spoke with recently told me they had voted and mailed in their ballot, casting their vote for only two candidates. They had made their choice based solely on the fact that one of the two had turned up at their door to ask for their vote. I asked my fellow voter whether they had questioned the candidate about issues facing the town. "Nope." was the self-satisfied answer, "They showed up. I've never met them before, but at least they came to my door."

It's possible these two people have cancelled out my carefully chosen vote with apathy and ill-conceived notions of what counts as a qualification for office. And yet, their ill-informed vote counts just as much as mine. My only remaining hope is that they did as much homework when they handled their ballot as when they chose their candidate. There's a slim chance the ballot will be disqualified for having a hunk of gum or an ink stain on it. I'm hoping they doodled out a shopping list, which would likely include squeeze cheese, KD and tunafish in oil.

Yes, I'm definitely coming to believe in strong-man rule, as long as I'm the strong man.
Eugenics, too, as long as I'm the one on the committee.


  1. ummm, my chances are getting slimmer and slimmer...

  2. How sad...and they aren't the only ones.Let's hope there are a lot more informed individuals out there.


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