Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Morning Allegory

Well, if Michael Enright can create a fable about the political escapades, I figure I can write my own fan piece. With apologies to the Sunday Edition:

I lost a girlfriend a couple of years ago. She and I had been very close companions for quite some time, sharing laughs and good times and, as girls are wont to do, some of our deepest thoughts and fears and hopes. I trusted her with my secrets and she shared hers with me.

Over time, there were small things about my friend that annoyed and irritated me, but for a long time, they were not annoying or irritating enough to threaten the friendship. However, the irritations and annoyances eventually began to pile up.

Gradually, as she departed my home or I left hers, I became less and less eager to make our next plans. I still considered her a good friend, and always included her on my dinner party list, but there was a subtle shift in what had once been terra firma. Then, The Incident took place. It wasn't a huge thing; I didn't catch her slagging me to a mutual friend, stealing my jewels or making a pass at Sweetie, but The Incident sure was a big thing when added to the pile of smaller troubles that had been accumulating.

Suddenly, I found myself asking whether my girlfriend was really a friend at all. Each memory of a good time together suddenly seemed to come with a, 'but..' and a secondary, less pleasant memory attached. Sure, we have fun when I invite her to dinner, but why is the meal always at my place, with me doing the cooking and cleanup? Sure, we have a lot of laughs at lunch, but why is it I who has to make the call to plan it? There was that joke, told at my expense, a cutting remark,'You look almost... cool in that outfit,' and I feeling less than great about myself and my choice of pals. As my Sweetheart put it, my friend started making more withdrawals than deposits in our mutual emotional bank account.

Little things all seem too small to mention but when the One Big Thing happens, the friendship, already faltering, can not be saved. Or can it?

I wonder whether the massive collection of not-so-little things are now enough for to be a final straw for fans of Rob Ford. I wonder whether the Senate stuff will be a flag on the top of the steaming pile of control freakishness in the PMO.

It will be very fun to watch and see whether Ford Nation will come apart, and whether 'The Conservative Base' will be compromised after seven years in power, which is, if you follow politics, usually about when the rot sets in.


  1. Rob Ford is now officially an oaf to me, but I will not believe he smoked crack with a bunch of Somali drug dealers until I see it with my own eyes.
    Mariane why is it that you concentrate so hard on our PM's short comings? But I have not read word one about E-Health, ORANGE, moved gas plants from your blog.
    The Duffy 'scandal' cost the tax payers $90k. How much have premiers mum and dad have pissed billions away of our tax money? Yet you and people like you keep giving them a pass.

  2. The above are the first words I have written about our PM at least since January, so I'm not sure I understand your "concentrate so hard" comment. Furthermore, what I've written is not really about him, but rather, about how loyal his supporters might remain in the face of the "Duffy Kerfuffle" (say that one three times fast...).

    As for the shenanigans at Queen's Park, since you've been a reader of these pages for a while now, no doubt you'll have noted I don't spend a ton of time on politics, but if I were to say why I haven't weighed in, it's because I have been unable to either come up with a funny joke or make it about it me.

    There is no conspiracy among 'people like me,' unless of course, you mean among us foodies, and even then, I will deny it. :)

  3. By people like you I mean the media. I could think of lots of funny blogs you could do on our provincial government. Something along the lines of premier mum and premier dad always know what's best for us unless its handling our money.


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