Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chilling Words

A comment I overheard while at work a few years ago has stayed with me to this day, and every time I think of it, I feel a little scared and a little sad. Scared because I fear this is how a lot of people in positions of power think. Sad because I now know this is how a lot of people in positions of power think.

The person said the following:

"The Board will make the decision I want them to make because I will give them the information they require to come to that decision."

Just let that sit for a minute. They'll make the decision I want made, because of the information I will provide. This wasn't at town hall and has no connection to some of the stuff people have been reading about when it comes to politics in Collingwood, but it reveals a certain mindset, one that puts putative decision-makers in a position they don't even know they're in. It's the thinking that landed US soldiers in Iraq. (Weapons of Mass Destruction, anyone?) It's I fear, Standard Operating Procedure.

After you've thought about the thought process it takes to come out with such a statement, take a few minutes to read Ian Adams' very interesting piece in the Enterprise Bulletin about how decisions were made about recreation facilities in Collingwood.
Click here to read it.

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