Thursday, October 10, 2013

Compare and Contrast

So, let me get this straight:

Monday night, a group which collects and talks about public opinion on a serious issue manages to pack Collingwood's town hall with people.

The head dude appears to be the sole spokesperson for the citizens' group, but claims there is a massive stand of other people also interested in the issues he's talking about. The massive group of people talk about the issue through a website, share information and take part in surveys, which are also online. The group has no headquarters, no bricks and mortar; its presence is online. It does, however, take out advertising to draw people to its important message, which is that there needs to be more talk about its issue.

The dude who makes the presentation says things he's been saying for a while, things about public pressure being brought to bear on the issue that affects a lot of people. He says there's something broken in our world and needs to be fixed. He says if enough people affected by the issue join the movement and speak out, change can happen.

Dude is warmly welcomed and indeed thanked by council members for the efforts he is making at making the world a better place.

Later that very same night, a councillor provides notice of a motion he wants discussed and voted on by fellow councillors.

This councillor wants a private citizen called onto the carpet at town hall to explain himself and his citizens' group, the methodology of his online research, and the very public calls he's making that pressure be brought to bear on an issue that affects a lot of people.

Two groups: Stop the Drop and Better Together Collingwood.
Stop is about water levels in the the bay, Better is about governance at town hall. One gets a warm reception for its online work, the other gets...well, we don't really know yet.

My innocent, always-hopeful heart hopes that somehow, Kevin Lloyd's motion is designed to bring Brian Saunderson to council so he, too, can be praised for the advocacy work that's being done on issues that are important to a lot of people.

What do you think are the chances my hope is a correct reading of the situation?


  1. What an interesting take on this. I think your "reading" is almost...prophetic.

  2. I keep on telling you, Mariane, they don't understand irony at town hall...

  3. Is this written in code or is it some sort of inside joke? I read the blog post twice and couldn't figure out what it was about. Perhaps a little background info would have helped those of us not in the know. :|

  4. Anonymous - The post is quite straight forward if you are paying attention. If you are not then start, or forever stay in the dark.

  5. These are dangerous times. Beware the despotic cabal.


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