Friday, January 3, 2014

Let's not call it a Resolution

We've heard a lot in the last few days about New Year's Resolutions and whether we make them, how quickly we drop them or how we regret making them out loud in a drunken voice at a big party.

I heard a terrific idea this week, and I think I am going to try it, and I'd like you to consider it, too: you get yourself a big jar or crock or container of some sort and some wee scraps of paper to keep handily nearby.

Through the year, when something terrific, awesome, extraordinary, amazing or even just good happens, you write a bit of a detail about it on one of those little scraps, and drop it into the jar.

Next New Year, you open the jar to remember all the times you were amazed or blessed or felt lucky.

You don't have to put something in every single day, but only when the spirit moves you. Honestly, there are no rules.

I expect my jar will be have a few notes about how happy I am that my dog did not eat anything toxic or deadly today, or that I made it home from the grocery store with every single thing on my list.

This little idea seems like a good resolution; fairly easy to keep and it might even be a fun event for next year's New Year's Eve Party - "Look! Another day Emma didn't kill herself by eating my socks! Yeah!"

It's this or lose those pesky ten pounds that keep following me around.

Ya, totally going for the jar, as soon as I finish the peanut butter inside.

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