Friday, September 5, 2014

About those Celebrity Pics

I'm so glad I grew up in the age before the Internet. I can only imagine how much trouble I would have gotten my impulsive self into if I'd had a cellphone camera in my teens.

No doubt you've heard how Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities had their private stashes of intimate self-portraits stolen and posted online by creepy hackers in a corner of the Internet many of us would rather not visit.

Those pictures could easily be of your daughter or granddaughter. Or maybe your son. Many, many people take nude selfies these days, especially those of us who work hard on and are proud of our bodies.

Some people say the celebrities shouldn't have racy pictures of themselves, but that is totally blaming the victim.

What if, instead of pictures that were stolen by the hackers, they were love letters or bank account access? What if the pictures were hard copies and in a safety deposit box? Still the celebrities' fault?

It's exactly the same thing. Private property. Stolen.

And, while I hate to say this, Playboy had it right, asking readers not to look at the purloined pics in an article saying that consent is the sexiest thing they can think of. Although, Playboy may have a conflict of interest.

I also have noticed a different set of beliefs for men and women: I'm a huge, huge fan of Hugh Jackman, but even if he sent it directly to me himself, I never, ever want to see a picture of his junk.

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  1. I would love to become famous. It's almost like being god. Though it might bring a lot of stressful and ugly time, but I'd be glad if I am famous.


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