Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Unintended Truth

"It's not about you!"

Those were the most chilling words from the CITYnews report that has gone viral this week.

Two of the twerps who were harassing Shauna Hunt as she reported on the Toronto FC game told her, even while they were preparing to shout into her microphone a particularly vulgar phrase about things to do to a woman, it wasn't about her, particularly.

They may have revealed more than they intended, since their shout-out is yet more proof that men and women live in different countries, even in this great country of ours.

The goal of the shout is to take away the woman's power, all women's power, to take away the woman's, all women's, right to be in public, doing her job, any job.

And yes, I've heard that the yells of, "f her right in the p" are also aimed at male reporters sometimes, in a 'bubba boey' kind of frat boy stupidity, but I bet the male reporters take it vastly differently than the female ones do.

If you sat these guys down at a nice dining table to have a real conversation about what they mean when they shout such things in their drunken post-game frenzy, the probably couldn't articulate the fact that deep down, they just really hate women. But in those shouts, they say it loud and clear for all women to hear, live on TV. Unchecked, they tell men it's OK to feel the same way, to put women 'in their place', which is not in the public realm.

It's not just guys being funny. If it were, they wouldn't make reference to the female anatomy.

I'm proud of Hydro One for firing this lout from his 106-thousand dollar job, and I'm proud of Shauna Hunt for finally speaking up to the abusers who harass her as she works even while denying her right to be upset about it.

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