Friday, November 6, 2015

Merit, Shmerit: fooling no one

I must admit to a certain amount of confusion and upset concerning the federal cabinet unveiled this week in Ottawa.

I'm heartened so many people gave some thought to the choices made, but discouraged how many people say gender parity automatically means less-qualified people running the joint.

Where was all this concern about merit in the last cabinet?
Or the one before that?
Or the one before that?
Not a peep about merit when Julian Fantino and Pierre Pollievre were added to the cabinet and we saw how that turned out. Or consider the meritorious Helena Guergis and her equally awesome cabinet-sitting husband. I don't recall anyone asking questions about merit when those two were close to power. Until they weren't.

Merit is another dog whistle for closeted racists and sexists. They know darn well they cannot say out loud, "I'm afraid of women running things," so they hide behind the word 'merit', ignoring the fact of masses of unqualified white guys getting most of the good stuff in our society for centuries.

If you worry about the qualified white boys losing out on what you see as their god-given right to better opportunities than other people, perhaps you can seek some counsel from the parents of qualified brown and black and yellow girls denied their fair share of chances for, well, forever. They might have some coping strategies you can employ.

And take heart, the finance minister is a white Bay Street insider who's sitting on an estimated personal fortune of 26 million dollars, so even if there were some broads in skirts sworn in this week, nothing at Parliament Hill has really changed.

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  1. Reads a lot "stronger". Would been even better IF read/endorsed/spoken by some of those "qualified white boys". BUT, IT HAD TO BE SAID!


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