Friday, May 20, 2011

Running for the Dress

I hated running in gym class, don't really like being out of breath, and have always preferred starving to exercise if I need to drop some pounds, but an awesome ten year old is quite an incentive, and so I've signed on for quite a challenge.

My ten year old niece is earning herself an ipod by running each day. It's her parents' way of getting her off the couch. She is running a certain distance every day for 60 days. If she misses a day, she starts again at zero. No sixty days, no ipod.

I think they're on to something. I'd like to have a healthier, trimmer body and spend more time building better relationships with my niece and sister in law, so I'm using a similar path to get there, setting myself a challenge I hope will accomplish both.

Together, we're signing up for the Blue Mountains half marathon, me, my niece and my sister in law. Now, it will be just a regular Saturday in October for the SIL, since she already runs every day. It will be a mild challenge for the niece, who's going to do the 5K.
And for me? It will be like the apocalypse. But I'll get to talk about running with them, we'll do some trainig runs together, have a shared experience while I get fit. Winning all round.

I've started training with brisk walks. I might even read a book about running while I contemplate what 13 miles of punishment will feel like.

Oh, man, what have I done?

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