Monday, January 16, 2012

Farewell, Martha

How relieved I am to have heard the news that Martha Stewart appears to be officially 'over'.

The Duchess of Domesticity's TV show, relegated from prime time, to mid-day to cable and finally to the upper, upper channels, and finally to Hallmark Channel is being killed.

Hallmark Channel says the ratings were too low.
I'll repeat that. Hallmark Channel. Says Martha Stewart's ratings were too low.

Now, before you cry a restrained river for the one-time goddess of cookies and all things nicely (over)done, remember the 70 year old is worth about $650 million.

While the TV show is cancelled along with her line of paints, she still has her magazines,and lines of crafting stuff and dishes and kitchen gadgets, all of which appear to be selling well. Granted, $650 million is down a bit from the billion she was worth when her company went public and before all that Jail business, but still, 650 mill is nothing to sneeze at. Especially if you're using a hand-embroidered and glitter-adorned hankie.

I was an early Martha adopter and remain a fan. Yes, she sometimes appeared cold and regimented, I'm not sure about her obsession with Hallowe'en, and some people thought she seemed more judgemental Mother In Law than friendly 4-H leader, but I like that her recipes generally work, even if they do sometimes seem to have some extra steps.

In honour of Martha's departure as domestic doyenne, I used my good dishes this weekend, organised the basement, used a label maker and baked seven batches of perfect cookies.

You know, I'm glad that's over!

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