Friday, July 6, 2012

Bedroom Adventure

It all started with a sore back, and now I'm in the midst of a summer project that has taken over most of my house and left me camped out in the spare room.

My sweetie and I have finally replaced the mattress he thinks he bought at least 15 years ago. We're not sure of the exact vintage of the thing, but it certainly owed us nothing. Since buying a mattress is supposed to be a once-a-decade adventure, we made the most of it, shopping at every store in town and making lists and doing a lot of musing over how to maximize our sleep and storage while minimizing expenses.

We decided on a minor paint job and a new mattress and bedframe, but the same old headboard, also refreshed with paint. It's amazing how involved a little job like painting a floor can become.

Here's the order of operations from day one:

disassemble digital piano in office, store in office closet
disassemble spare bed, move to space where piano sat
install bandaid on fingers pinched by hammer when removing sides of antique bedframe

discover four containers of stored clothes, wrapping paper and off-season shoes under spare bed
try on clothes in clothing container
shriek at discovery of long-lost dress worn in photo with Eddie Cibrian and Josh Morrow in 1995
shriek at discovery long-lost dress actually fits
move spare room furniture to accommodate newly purchased mattress on floor
greet mattress delivery people two minutes before their expected time
remove bedding from old mattress so delivery guys can become takeaway guys
disassemble bed
shudder at scary amounts of dust behind and under bed
shudder some more at thought of terrible housekeeping and dust mites
vacuum some more
store pieces of bed in hallway
move dresser to hallway
move nighttables to hallway
remove Sweetie's clothes from armoire
attempt to move armoire from bedroom
fail to move armoire from bedroom
get armoire caught in doorframe of bedroom
squish toe under armoire while moving it within bedroom
curse some more
open paint purchased at Restore
wince at smell
paint area where blasted armoire will reside, tape off quarter-round
paint half of floor with brush
wince at sore arm
clean brush
wince at smell of cleaner
take Tylenol for headache caused by smell of ancient oil paint
install sheets on newly purchased mattress on spare room floor
sigh deeply at comfort of newly purchased mattress
the next day, proudly wear lost and found dress to work

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