Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Footy Explained

My favourite moment from a terrific long weekend:

Sweetie and I watched the first half of the EuroCup final. We gave up after the second goal since Spain was dominating so completely and my honey was only being nice by deigning to watch a game he considers so vastly inferior to hockey.

It was after that first spectacular Spanish goal, but before the second. An Italian player slammed into a Spanish player who had been making his way toward the net, expertly moving the ball past several other players.

Here's the dialogue:

Me: Oh, that's going to be a penalty...

Sweetie: Why? He had the ball...

And that, my friends, is why football will never be Canada's game. Never mind the athleticism, the thrill of the bend, the fact that The Beautiful Game is the most popular sport on the planet, where's the fun if you can't hit the guy who's got the ball?

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