Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Weiners is what we're calling ourselves on my curling team these days, altering the word winner because we can't completely believe we are headed to a provincial championship.

Lest you think you're going to see us on TV, it's not exactly the Tournament of Hearts. We're on a totally different road. It's such a different road it might not be a road at all. It's more like a dirt track through some scrub brush while the Scotties is a six-lane divided freeway.

The Dominion is for club curlers only; no pros allowed. But, we're winners nonetheless, taking three of four games at the Zone playdowns in Listowel on the weekend, two of the games called off early since we were winning pretty thoroughly.

This weekend, we go to Provincials. Our two-night hotel stay is paid for and we play four games over the two days against nine other women's teams coming in from clubs from Cornwall across to Renfrew.

I have a little quiver in my tummy about it, I must confess. Mostly about where we're playing.

The Competitor's Guide tells us we're not allowed to wear jeans at the clubhouse except in the curling lounge. If we arrive at the host club wearing jeans, we must walk around the clubhouse to get to the back door and the curling entrance.

Something tells me we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

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