Monday, March 11, 2013

Completely Expected and yet, Disappointing

I don't know why I'm surprised and oh-so-disappointed at the reaction to Friday's news.

Oh, I'm not talking about Collingwood-gate.(Waterwood? If only Ian Adams were still blogging, he would surely have come up with a pithy name for the maybe-scandal. But last I checked, the blog connected to the Enterprise Bulletin is marked private, and the one he's been writing under his own name for the last several years has disappeared, including the archives.)

No, my disappointment is with what one of the Toronto papers is calling Tuchus-gate. Rob Ford may or may not have grabbed the butt of Sara Thomson at a fundraiser Thursday night, I really don't care.

But in 2013, is it really necessary to call a woman who claims to have been assaulted, crazy or a whore? Seriously, people, just because a woman makes an allegation against a man, must she necessarily be nuts, or a prostitute? Must she have nine witnesses for the story to be true? Must she be an opportunist or furthering some agenda? Really?

I guess I'm naive enough to think that somehow, we had grown, y'know, as a society. 30 years after 'free to be you and me', and with all the 'character' programs that are taught in our schools, I thought we somehow could maybe, maybe have come to a place where we could say things like, "I don't believe it" and that would be enough, without 'you stoopid psycho bitch' added by many of the online commenters and on-air callers.

Silly me.

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