Monday, July 8, 2013

They come in threes

News stories that caught my eye this morning:

1) Nigella Lawson's husband is filing for divorce.
Not she, he. The man who was photographed last month with his hands around his crying wife's throat in a fancy restaurant is the one who wants the divorce, because, he says, she wasn't supportive of him when the scandal about the throttling made the news. She moved their children from their home and didn't speak up on behalf of him, so he's divorcing her.

2) Eliot Spitzer is running for office in New York City.
He's the former attorney general and governor who vowed to get tough on sex crimes, and then was outed as the client of a brothel and forced to resign. He's running to be comptroller for the city. Another candidate for the same job is Kristin Davis. She's the former madam who provided Spitzer's sex services. She called him client number 9.

3) Soccer violence in Brazil
A ref was quartered by the crowd watching a game late last month after the ref stabbed to death a player when the player refused to leave the pitch. It seems the crowd didn't know the player was dead; he had been taken away in an ambulance, but exacted revenge on the ref regardless. He was beheaded and belimbed. And you thought hockey parents were crazy. Brazil, by the way, is slated to host the World Cup next year.

Wow. You couldn't make this stuff up.


  1. Truth is stranger than fiction, or did somebody say that already?

  2. I really didn't want my kids playing hockey cause I thought they looked cute WITH their teeth . . had no idea that soccer was even more dangerous !!


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