Friday, July 19, 2013

Word Nerd Joy

I got an amazing amount of joy this week from a video posted on Youtube that is long, long overdue.

I think it was about 17 years ago Alanis Morisette had a huge hit with her song, Ironic, which many people complained contained no descriptions of irony. A pair of girls has posted a new version of the song, amending the lyrics to make it actually ironic. Click here to watch it.

I also had an online conversation this week with a childhood schoolmate about the proper spelling of cell phone and why I will sometimes write celphone instead (no good reason).

Later in the week, another friend put up a facebook post including one of the best neologisms ever, which got me to thinking about my very favourite words, and lately, these top my list:


Don't ask me to define them, or explain why, but every single time I have the chance to employ these terms, or hear someone else use them, it makes me giggle.

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