Friday, June 27, 2014

best. day. ever.

Today is one of the best days of the entire year if you're a kid. OK, it's not Christmas, but it's still pretty good: it's the last day of school. If you're leaving elementary school, you get your report card and your classes for the first day of high school. If you're still in elementary school, you might find out who your teacher is next year, hopefully the 'good' one.

One of my colleagues spent some time with a group of young students this week, finding out what they were looking forward to in the long hot days of summer.
One of the wee ones said, 'I'm going to ride my bike....' and that was pretty much the sum total of her plans. She was planning to ride her bike.

It sounded... heavenly.

Remember the days when summer consisted of vast acres of time, riding your bike, maybe hanging out near a creek, maybe going to a midway?

Let's make a deal, you and me: instead of complaining about the heat and the air conditioning or the politicians or the bills, for the next two so very short months, let's go ride our bikes and see if maybe, just maybe, somewhere up the trail or across the street, we might catch a glimpse of our former, innocent and unjaded self, enjoying the freedom of a sunny summer day.

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