Monday, July 21, 2014

Homeward Bound

Maybe you were wondering what that sound was on Friday evening at about 5:30. It was a "Squeee!!!" from me.

Sweetie and I were dining with my mother when the 'phone rang and it was my seven year old niece calling from Brisbane. She wanted to talk to me, and wanted to know if I would run a 5K race with her on Labour Day. In Toronto. The 'squeeee' came when I figured out that my fractured family is reuniting!

My brilliant and amazing sister in law has a big fancy promotion, even bigger than the one that took she and her family to Brisbane two and a half years ago. Apparently, divisions within the corporation she works for have had to duke it out over her talents. The family will be home for the start of the Canadian school year, no doubt wearing toques and scarves after their time in the Australian sun.

One of the children is less happy about the return trip than the others; the one that's been thriving in an elite school, but a girl who earned her way into a State school on academics and athletics is likely to thrive anywhere. We'll just have to jolly her along until she finds her path here.

Until then, I'm looking for races and working on my times so I won't be so embarrassed by the children I finally get to run with again.

Did I mention, Squeeee!

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