Saturday, March 26, 2011

Election Fun On the Way

If you thought the battle to become the Conservative nominee for Simcoe Grey was interesting, just wait for the battle over Simcoe Grey among conservatives split between those who are in the party and those who aren't.

Kellie Leitch's impressive win in the Conservative nomination last night, taking an overwhelming majority of the vote, should have anyone in the Helena Guergis camp mighty concerned.

Leitch's organisation was superb, the candidate made few mistakes and if no one in Creemore seems to care about how long she's been in the area or whether she actually lives in her great big house on the hill, will anyone else in the riding?

I suspect it will be very tough sledding for the ousted former Minister of State. I'm hard pressed to figure out what advantage she can claim over a well-connected surgeon. I expect many voters will consider it a good move to mark their X for a potential Health Minister, knowing that goodies flow to ridings with cabinet members.

But, as in many an election, you just never know until voting day. Here's to watching the fireworks.

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