Saturday, March 12, 2011

No More Purple Hats

My sweetie and I are off to the curling rink this morning, desperately hoping not to come home with a purple hat. It's the annual bonspiel in support of Breaking Down Barriers, and I have a terrible history with the silent auction table.

Three years ago, I spotted a lovely purple hat, and another lovely set of purple hats and gloves. I bid on both, thinking there was no chance I would get both items, and trying to hedge my bets. Of course, by the end of the day, and several bids later, I had bought all of them.

The team I played on also won our draw, and the prize guessed it, a hat. Orange with purple trim, which I wear often, like a bullrider would wear the beltbuckle they won.

Two years ago, I bid on a lovely set of sheets, thinking I needed a nice new set of white sheets for our bed. They were queen size, and I was happy to win them at the end of the day. Only to discover when I tried to install them, that there was a very good reason I was the sole bidder. They were incontinence sheets! Arrak!

So, my head is well covered, and if the day comes I need some coverage for my mattress, I'm good there, too.

Wish me luck today as I try to avoid embarrassment, both on the ice and the auction table.

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