Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Right Ratio

I've finally found it- the perfect balance, and just in time for the arrival of spring.

I have finally found the perfect number of cheap sunglasses to balance off my terrible memory.

I wear sunglasses outside all the time; in sunshine and cloud, hanging laundry, walking in the rain, always. I don't know if I have particularly sensitive eyes or what, but I just can't leave the house without them.

The problem is the several minutes I spend searching for a pair to wear every single time I go outdoors. I don't know where they all go, but it's usually troublesome trying to find a pair of the blessed things in whatever purse, bag or coat I have.

This week, I figured it out. I lost several pairs last summer and bought three new ones this fall, but still spent a lot of time looking for a pair to wear. In the rain one day, headed out to walk the dog, I donned my slicker, and found in the pockets not one, not two, but three pairs of sunglasses. Yes, in my raincoat. Don't even ask, I say.

I've put the 'extra' glasses into rotation, and suddenly,I am never searching for a pair.

Whenever I come across a pair on the kitchen counter, by the back door, in the car, my shoes, the dog's crate or even on the back of the toilet, I make a point of dropping them off in the 'staging area' by the front door.

Then, when I go out, there's always a pair there and I'm not wasting so much time.

The magic number? It's eight. I think. They're never in the same place at once, so it's hard to tell.

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