Sunday, June 26, 2011

Movie Review: Bridesmaids

I wasn't expecting to cry at a movie that's been talked about as ''Hangover' for women'. I certainly wasn't expecting to be astonished. But I was.

Bridesmaids has been billed as a raunchy romp that finally lets the girls show that they can be just as gross as the guys. And it is, but it is much more, too.

So often, the entertainment media treat women's relationships as magical, life-long and deep, (Beaches), or as shallow, vain and competitive, (pretty much any situation comedy). Worse, female characters in general are are often silent eye candy or worse, merely the murder victim.

It was refreshing to see fraught female friendships explored in a way that felt frank, fresh and honest. As someone who has been hurt by the death of deep friendships which just didn't stand the test of time and trouble, it was satisfying to see situations similar to mine play themselves out through the movie makers' imagination.

I'll see it again, if any of my girlfriends want to come along.

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