Sunday, June 26, 2011


If there were anyone who could get hurt trying to get up off the couch, I guess I'm it.

As I get ready for this blasted 5K race in October with my niece, brother and sister in law, I thought I was taking it easy. I'm using a program that is supposed to slowly build up my strength and endurance. I actually thought it was, well, wimpy when I started. Eight minute-long runs interspersed with brisk walking. Ha - I laugh at you, trail!

Well, the joke's on me when I can no longer take the stairs at my house.
It seems my knees need to be eased in even more easily. They were screaming so much last week, I figured my shoes were wrong, I needed orthotics, had ripped something or needed a knee replacement.

Nope. I just run wrong.

Of course, the physiotherapist I hired to do a 'gait analysis' was far too polite to use words like awkward freak, weirdo, pigeon-toed, knock kneed or ridiculous as we looked at the video of my run on her treadmill, but I'll tell you, it was an eye-opener. Let's just say I'm not quite the graceful gazelle of my imagination.

It also turns out that I have weak hips and a weak core, and both need strengthening to save my knees. So, now, before and after my six or so minutes of running, I'm doing about 20 minutes of warming up and stretching and strengthening so I don't have to collapse on the trail in tears any more.

Also while running, I can't just look around at the trees and birds. While taking smaller steps and landing in the middle of my foot, I need to focus on brushing my hips with my thumbs while carrying imaginary eggs, keeping my shoulders far from my ears and thinking about the muscles in my butt, which, by they way are almost non-existent.

Oh, the stuff we'll do to make a memory...

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