Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Facebook Confusion - Not the Rant You Expect

Yes, a lot of people were upset with the changes that showed up on facebook last week, but I think most of them are over it now. Last week in the height of the distress, I discovered a very strange thing lurking in my facebook friend list.

Like most people, I will confirm as a 'friend' pretty much anyone I've had a conversation with. At least, if it was a friendly conversation, it's generally a yes. But once I've said yes, I don't go into a long-lost discussion. You post, I read; that's pretty much it.

However, last week, I saw a post that showed up on the wall of a friend from a long time ago, and I went to my friend's page to see what she's up to. Well, as far as I can figure, she's, um, well...dead. Her page appears to be her page, but from what I can gather from what's written there, it seems like somewhere around two and a half years ago, she died. Her kids, who I never met (this woman and I were friends at work and it was 15 years ago) apparently keep her facebook page going, and write to her once in a while, telling her how they miss her and are thinking of her.
It's a tiny bit weird, but hey, in the new digital world, whatever gets you through the day is fine with me.

Here's the thing that's bugging me: my 'friend' died, and I didn't know for two and a half years. Doesn't this say something about the word, 'friend'? I know it says something about me and how well I keep up with my friends. And not something good.

And in case you're wondering, no, I haven't 'unfriended' her. When I figure out why, I'll let you know.

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