Monday, April 30, 2012

Alone or Lonely?

I’m going to learn a lesson about myself this week, but I don’t yet know what the lesson will be. I'm going to find out how lonely I will be after a week alone.

My sweetheart and a friend have departed for a week on a sunshine getaway. It only seems fair that some of the boys enjoy some time away too, since we girls ran off to a beach for a week, a week ago.

While I eat takeout over the sink this week, I don't plan on being lonely at all.

For starters, I’ll be kept company by stacks of dishes and junk I plan to leave all over the kitchen counter for days on end. Also, I expect to hear growls from the dust bunnies who will survive another week with no threat of vacuuming. And, I plan to renew my acquaintance with some music that usually brings on rolled eyes and deep sighs. Come on in, Broadway soundtracks, Nirvana and Madam Butterfly; I’ve missed you!

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