Thursday, April 12, 2012


I'm in a bit of a fight with my sweetie this week, and of course, it's all his fault.

Like many couples of our acquaintance, we end most of our evenings side by side under the covers, each of us engrossed in our digital devices, ipods and iphones.
We're reading, checking our email or most recently, playing silly, timewasting games.

This week, my honey was playing a new game he had just downloaded, one of those ones where you move pieces around a board to match three, which then disappear, to be replaced with new ones that drop from the top of the board. To win, you make matches of all of them before you run out of time. It's basically sudoku for dummies, with pretty colours and sound.

After I watched him play for a few minutes, making helpful suggestions about possible moves, he kindly suggested I download my own copy.

Bad move, sweetheart, since now I cannot put this stupid thing down!

It has cost me at least an hour's sleep each of the last three nights, and today, I deliberately left my ipod at home for fear your morning news would consist of silence while I busily master another level of Gemspinner II.

It's embarrassing, really, since I'm pretty sure the game is several years old, and I somehow missed it. At the drugstore the other day, I saw a similar game has been adapted to a lottery scratch card, so it certainly can't be new.

Regardless, I'm hooked.

Goodbye, homemade dinner, dear; you're getting something from the freezer section, and you can wear last week's clothes if you can wrestle them away from the dust bunnies, because I'm well and truly addicted. Oh, and could you walk the dog for me, please? Thanks.

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