Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of 2010

There was a time New Year's Eve was the biggest thing, most stressful, worrisome and scary. What if no one kissed me at midnight? What if the wrong person did? Where will I go, which party, bar or house, vodka or rye?
But the last few years, as Baby Duck gives way to Dom, the biggest struggle I have is staying awake all the way to midnight.

Last year, we stayed at the house of friends in who live nearer the airport, so we could jet off first thing in the morning to our freezing cold Cuban getaway. The party, like the freezing cold Cuban getaway, was a bit of a bust.

Here's hoping you get kissed by the right person, choose the best-tasting drink and are wearing a funny hat when the bells ring out.

I'm just hoping no one notices if I move all the clocks ahead an hour. Or two.

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