Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tummy Trimming

When does a coincidence become an outbreak?

Three of the men and two of the women who were at the tree trimming party have come down with various gradations of gastrointesingal upset of the 'both ends' variety. (I'm trying to be delicate here....)

A few years ago, my family had Mother's Day brunch at the Royal Botanical Gardens, and along with about 350 other people who dined there, everyone but my sister in law and me came down with salmonella poisoning. My poor sweetie wound up with a bruise on his knee where his elbow sat as he perched on the 'throne', exhausted, head on his hand for three days of misery. I'll never look at a buffet the same way again.

This seems to be different, but not much.

I'm sincerely hoping they recover, and soon. I'm also hoping they forget before next year's party.

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