Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Service with a Smile

Someone, somewhere has figured it out and passed it along and I'm so glad.

I have never received such good service while shopping as I have in the last few days.

Calling a store in Collingwood to order a part for my snowblower: phone answered on the second ring, clerk helpful with the right number to call.
Calling the call centre who-knows-where to order a part for the snowblower: phone answered on first ring, helpful, cheerful workers on the other end.
Calling a store in Wasaga Beach to enquire about a particular pair of winter boots: answered on the second ring, and a cheerful, helpful worker who kept her promise to phone back after searching the store for the boots.
Calling a store in Barrie about the same boots: fast, friendly, helpful and cheerful, and if the boots aren't in stock when we get there, they promise to order them.

Now, if only I could cheer up the guy with the wet, cold feet who's been running a broken snowblower for two weeks.

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