Thursday, November 8, 2012

Codes in our Dozes

I have to brag about my perfect day on the trail:

--blissful sunshine pouring down onto decaying leaves and brush along the trail toward Poplar Sideroad

--no one at all on the trail past the river, so doggie could run free to sniff and seek out all the good smells and critters

--just the right amount of clothing for the temperature and my exertion, so I was Goldilocks; neither too warm or too cold, but just right

--a new and fun acquaintance, whose equally lovely dog neither attacked nor ran from my pooch

--the whole time, the unmistakable scent of the leaves and the sunshine and a feeling of luckiness to have an hour to walk such a rare and perfect late-fall day.

It was just great.

And then, as my sweetie and I made our dinner:
--a tickle at the back of the throat.
--a shiver.
--a sniffle.
--a sneeze.

By 7 o'clock, my itchy, watery eyes and stuffed up nose were alternately shivering and sweating under the covers with my equally-afflicted darling.
Today, the only scent I can enjoy is VapoRub.

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  1. I hear ya' ma'am! I was attacked just a week shy of my flu shot appointment. Three and a half weeks of this NOW. Never been this sick in my entire life. Went to the clinic about a week after this all began in hopes of getting an almost instant antibiotic cure. Doctor says NO, we don't give antibiotics for a viral infection. I was told to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Hope you're feeling better than me.


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