Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I will not run in the rain.
I will run in snow, but not in a snowstorm.
I will not run when it's below -10C.

Yes, I love the results of daily vigorous exercise, but I don't think it's necessary to be a Spartan about it. Oh, you "Spartan Race" people, you go have fun with that.

So, the forecast tells me I will be taking part only in indoor activities for the next few weeks, but I have not yet invested in the rowing machine I have coveted for several years now. What's a girl to do? Well, I sometimes use a yoga DVD that leaves me sweaty and out of breath, even while focusing and centring, and of course, there's the curling.

Before you laugh, I, too don't always consider curling to be the most strenuous of exercises. But yesterday, 15 rocks into my practice, I removed my jacket to find the sweater underneath wet from the exertion. Yes, it's anaerobic, but it still counts. 32 thrown rocks plus skipping a game, and I'm pretty sure I have found a non-rain, non-snowing way to avoid running outdoors in the frigid weather. (my team played very well, me, not so much...)

Now, if only I could find a way to get baking classified as exercise, all would be well.


  1. I ran in the rain last weekend because I paid good money to get to the marathon and I didn't want my streak of finishing every race I ever signed up for to end. But living here, I realized I would have to start sucking it up and getting out, so I bought a nice running rain jacket. Deciding not to become a wimp is at least a good excuse for shopping.

    1. Oh, I do love the shopping, but I have yet to get enough endorphins to sustain me in the rain. I think of it as a video game of sorts where one has to earn enough points to get them through a -18C run. Yeah, that must be it: I need Mario to jump up and hit a few more bricks before I can tackle the nastier days...


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