Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Popcorn

Several of my friends tease me because my favourite lunch might be categorised as a bit odd, and probably would not fall onto anyone's list of healthy.

It's not fancy, either, and secretly, I'm a little bit ashamed of this habit.
Here goes: Popcorn and beer. Although today, just popcorn, hold the beer.

Before you judge, please remember that what passes for lunch for other people is a whole lot later in the day for me, since morning radio means I'm in bed by 8 and up by 3:30 each weekday. So, if I'm eating popcorn at 1 o'clock, that translates to something like a very late afternoon snack for the rest of you. And who wouldn't like a salty snack with a beer late in the afternoon?

I mention this because my buddy Julie laughed at me the other day about my lunch-time habits, and then turned me on to a whole new addiction.

Oh, I knew about the white popcorn and the purple popcorn. I've tried the stuff that comes in a bottle instead of a bag, and really, the difference is so miniscule as to be non existent. After much experimentation, I stay with the garden-variety stuff from the grocery store, popped in my oil popper, the one with the stirring mechanism in the middle. But thing changed last week, when Julie sent me a wee bag of Jumbo popcorn to try. I hadn't heard of it, it doesn't look any different from the regular stuff; same colour, same texture, same everything. But once popped, what a difference! It's like a whole new food. OK, it's still just popcorn, but it's really vastly superior: bigger, holds more butter, holds up better to the butter.
I'm a convert!

Now, what to do with the two kilograms of the regular stuff I have stored in the basement....

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