Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review: Black Swan

I finally broke down and drove south to see this amazing movie which I fear will never make it north of highway 7. It was worth every minute on the snowy highway and every dime at the massive multiplex.

What a tour de force!

Now, Black Swan won't be to everyone's taste; the highly graphic girl-on-girl fantasy sex scene will be far too much for some sensibilities. (although I found that scene essential to the plot, especially in the moments that follow when its veracity is questioned.)

This is a psycho/horror movie set in a ballet company, with a nasty maestro pulling the strings as Natalie Portman's character, Nina, gradually loses her mind.

While I can't sympathise with the character as much as I'd like, Portman is fascinating to watch, and it's clear she did her homework, both when it comes to ballet and obsession.

That said, I would have preferred Nina's transition to be from sane-ish to crazy rather than from crazy to crazier.

Here's hoping Cineplex eventually brings Black Swan this far north, so I can watch it again.

Spoiler alert: in the end, Nina's fate is the same as that of the white swan in the ballet.

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