Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seriously Awesome

Who's with me to create our very own version of the Awesome Foundation in this area?

Yes, there really is a thing called the Awesome Foundation, and it's, well, it seems awesome to me.

Here's the deal: You and nine friends make a club, donate a hundred bucks a month, put the word out that you're looking to give the money away to anyone who has an awesome idea, and then you hand it over, no strings attached.

In Boston, someone made a hammock that would hold 20 people. In London, a project put black helium balloons into the sky, with wee LEDs attached, so people would see what the night sky looks like, without all that light pollution.

It doesn't have to be artsy or crafty, either: another Awesome project bought an enthusiastic gardener a wee tractor, so he could expand his vegetable plot and thus provide a food bank with additional healthy, locally-grown produce. Now, THAT's awesome.

What do you say, nine friends of mine, and awesome idea generators out there? Let's do this!

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