Friday, April 15, 2011

Throwing Out the Baby

Helena Guergis almost got my sympathy today. Almost. Until she used her kid as a prop at the news conference she called to call out the Prime Minister.

I could get behind trotting out the cute four month old if only she had brought her much talked-about husband, too. But just the kid and not Rahim Jaffer, who was apparently also cleared by the RCMP? Why not? If you choose to play the family card, you really should play the whole family, unless there's something to hide.

Stephen Harper wouldn't even say Guergis' name today. But I bet he saying it behind closed doors, and I suspect it might come surrounded by a few other words.

Guergis said today, the polling she's doing puts her in the lead in Simcoe Grey, and she might be right, seeing as how Conservative candidate Kellie Leitch has been trotting out cabinet ministers and senators, and being quite friendly with the media, unlike the party leader and frankly, Guergis herself when she was still a Conservative.

But two weeks is a long time in politics. A lifetime.

And hey, watch for me on tonight's Global TV news; the very tall and fluently bilingual Mike Drolet asked for my 'inside the riding' opinion. I wish I could remember what I said. If I wind up on the cutting room floor, at least look for my mic flash at the podium, right there in the middle.


  1. No Jaff! Aye, there's the Gaf. Thank you Ms. McLeod for your pithy, always spot-on analysis.

  2. I would have to agree with the above comment. Where is her Husband??? It just seems so fake. She is a very sad and scary person all at the same time.

  3. I still have sympathy for her, but when she broke down and cried, it was pathetic. I agree that all of these issues must have been tough, but do your crying in public and show some grit. If you want people on your side, argue the facts, don't cry and I agree, don't trot out the kids and the family dog who've suffered. She'll win on the PM's errors and not because she is the most worthy for the position.

  4. She really is pathetic.....RCMP cleared her, so what the OPP in theory cleared her husband, but it doesn't mean he wasn't drunk and packing she was cleared doesn't mean half the stuff in the letter isn't true, just could't convict. She was a princess when she was in the party and I couldn't stand her and I am conservative! I hope she loses and goes back to opening a gift store for her sister and Tony G and all them can cry together.


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