Tuesday, April 26, 2011


What a fascinating turn the election polls have taken, and how fun it is to watch the pundits work themselves into a tizzy over the possibility that the NDP might be something more than a lefty sideshow at the House of Commons. (by the way, isn't there a surge in support for the NDP at just about this point in every election? Not this big, maybe, but a surge nonetheless?)

I think what the pollsters are hearing is that we're sick to death of negative advertising, especially after four solid years of it from the Conservatives. With the Liberals now in on it, too, the NDP are looking like the only ones who don't have their own personal Glen Beck or Karl Rove in the background, pulling the strings. I feel a little dirtied every time I turn on the TV, and frankly, the negativity has infected nearly everything about this race.

Nearly everyone I talk to says one of three things 1) they are trying to use their vote to block the candidate they don't want, or 2)they are trying to use their vote to block the party they don't want, even if they don't much care for the candidate or3) they are trying to use their vote to block the leader they don't want, even if they don't care at all for the candidate.

So, here's my question (and it really is a question, not a suggestion): what would happen if we all stopped trying to predict and negate what our fellow voters were going to do, and simply picked the person or party whose priorities we believe reflect our own desires and beliefs?

Imagine it: instead of trying to use your one measly vote to block 'them damn other guys', voting for the candidate you actually like. Instead of picking the candidate you think has been 'dun wrong', choosing the one you think might do something right?
Instead of voting against something or someone, voting FOR something or someone?

Seriously, what do you think would happen?

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  1. You are right - it would be NICE if we could all just pick the ONE person or even a party whose policies represent our views. Sadly, in this election, no one does. At least for me. There are snippets of everyone's approaches that together would, for me at least, allow Canada to again become the amazing country I grew up to love, and the world to admire.


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