Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chain, chain, chain

I'm done with chain restaurants. The last straw was the fifty bucks I laid out for a seafood something-or-other at a franchise in Orangeville that was so clearly, obviously microwaved, I'm pretty sure I could taste the 'beep'. It made me think that if I wanted food from a pouch or a box, I might have saved 45 of those dollars and gone to the frozen aisle at the grocery store down the street. So, when possible, it's mom-and-pop dining for me now.
So far, so good, and I do mean good: Cuomo's in Niagara Falls, NY, Mountain Shores in Collingwood, and now Greckos in North Bay. Tasty real food that an actual person in the very location where I'm eating, actually cooked. I'm not saying there's no place for the Huts, Houses and Tims, I'm just saying whenever there's a choice, I'm going with the little guy.

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  1. The Olde Town Terrace - right here in Collingwood serves up from scratch and all of the pies are 100% home made. A real treat.


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