Monday, July 18, 2011

Ducking out of Dukan

It wasn't the diet itself that I couldn't take for more than three days: it was the complaining.

After three solid days of kvetching, whining, complaining and deep, sad sighs about all the things that aren't allowed on very restrictive Dukan Diet, I cracked a beer for my sweetheart, handed it over and said, "I would rather have you die young than listen to this!"

The point of going on a weight-loss program is to lengthen your life and make the extra years more pleasant, right? Well, I am not convinced I want my honey to live even one extra second if it means I have to hear him complain about his deprivation non-stop. The final straw come when I suggested we hang out in the hot tub, and heard the plaintive howl, " Is that allowed in Dukan?"
So, we're trying something else.

I'm calling it 'Fit for Dukan', my own made-up thing which is a combination of Fit for Life (food combinations and timing), which has worked for me in the past, and Dukan (low-carb, low fat, high-protein). It looks like this: nothing but fruit until lunch, and lunch and dinner are meat and veggies; no potatoes, no rice, no bread. We will exercise, too, but booze is still allowed, in moderation, and we get 'cheat days' once in a while when anything goes.

So far, there's been no whinging, so that's a plus.
I'll let you know whether we feel and look better in a month or so.

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