Saturday, December 31, 2011

Be It Resolved

This time last year, I had some things I wanted to do. I wanted to learn to run, lose some weight and get more fit. At the very least, I wanted to be able to tie my shoes without getting out of breath.


I'm down a dozen pounds, ran my first-ever race and I feel pretty good.
For me, the trick was to set a goal with a firm date, and never to take my eyes off it. It helped to be able to measure my progress, 1/10th of a pound or one extra minute of running at a time.

This year, my resolutions might be a bit trickier, as they're less less concrete than a number on a scale.

First off, I resolve to keep my fitness and slimness, a measurable and therefore manageable goal. But the other two will be tougher to figure out.

I want to become a better listener and a less-frequent complainer.

But how? But how do you measure such nebulous resolutions?

When I wanted to lose weight, I started by keeping track of everything I ate. Every calorie was counted, so I could understand what I was already doing, and from there, what I needed to change. It was pretty easy to figure that popcorn and beer for lunch four days a week do not make for a flat tummy.

But how do I measure how much time I spend bitching? How do I measure how much time I spent in active listening? I'm not sure there's an app for that.

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