Friday, May 18, 2012

Casino Retirement

Who are you counting on for your retirement, yourself, your kids or your lottery ticket?

The province seems to be betting on the kids and the ticket, running massive deficits that will have to be paid off by our grandchildren, and planning for more and more casinos, even mini-ones.

The so-called modernization of gambling in Ontario could mean a casino coming to the Wasaga Beach or Collingwood: 300 slot machines and maybe a few craps tables.

Yup, the brilliant plan to get out from under a 16 billion dollar provincial deficit is to provide us with more ways to flush our money into the one armed bandits.

I don't get a rush of anything but fear when I walk into a casino. I don't smell excitement, I smell desperation.

And with about a million dollars every day being sucked out of the wallets of the dreamers just at Casino Rama there's a reason for that stench.

But the chairs are full and the dreams are big, so that's what our clever government is betting on for the future.

Nope, they're not asking older folks to pay for the services they've already received. No siree, those folks vote! They're not asking people who've benefited the most to pay more, oh, no, they're taxing the naive, who think that next push of the button will be the one to fund their golden years.

And if not, well, we can always keep that deficit going. The baby boomers grandkids can pay it off.

Frankly, I'm worried for the future as I clutch my Lottomax ticket. Hey's that's 50 million dreams tonight...

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  1. MM... The last time I was at RAMA was for a concert. After the show all the restaurants were closed (was around 11). All these people sitting at slots... giving their $ away. You are right... there was no excitement... you could however feel the depression.


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