Thursday, December 6, 2012

Diamond Shoes

Once in a while, when I'm in full rant mode about some perceived slight or worrisome situation, one of my girlyfriends will haul me back to reality. She says, in a sing-song voice, "...and my diamond shoes are too tight!" It works every time.

I've been complaining to my sweetheart lately about the sheer volume of cash that's leaving our home, wondering whether our Christmas dinner is going to consist of KD and cut-up weenies. We've had a blast of huge expenses; snow tires, fees for our soon-to-be rebuilt porch, a side of beef we forgot we had ordered and today, carpet so our aging doggie can make it down the hardwood stairs in the middle of the night without assistance.

While it appears our bank accounts are merely conduits rather than savings vehicles, it can be tough to keep in mind this problem is vastly different from the problems facing much of the rest of the world. Snow tires are expensive, but the car is newish. The carpet is expensive but the doggie lights up our lives. The beef was unexpected, but man, is it delicious! We have a roof, food and love to spare.

So, if (when) you hear me complain about my long list of 'first world problems', feel free to remind me of my shoes. And if you don't get that iPad or whatever you're waiting for under your tree, ask yourself about the fit of your sparkly pumps or boots.

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  1. As always Mariane, you present a much-reasoned and thoughtful view. Enjoy your new carpet (and the dog!), thanks for putting on the snow tires, and we'll expect pix of the new porch when it's done. Sincere CHEERS from mid-beach


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