Friday, December 21, 2012

Woo Hoo

One of my girlfriends tells me the most endearing thing about her husband is that no matter what, he gives a little cheer when she takes off her clothes.

There are no pompoms or eye-high kicks involved, but she gets a, "Woo Hoo!" every time she undresses, whether to get ready for the day, prepare for a night out or put on her jammies for bed.

She says the constant reinforcement of her desirability, 18 years into their relationship is one of the keys to their successful partnership. The little daily reminder that he still finds her 'hot' serves to remind her of his good qualities, too, and can sometimes soothe any little hurts between them.

I get a similar service from my sweetheart every time I 'put on my face' when we're going out. I'll say, "What do you think of my makeup?" and he'll reply, "You don't need any - you're pretty just the way you are." It doesn't stop me from putting on makeup, but reminds me that even if we're being 'peevy' with each other, there's a foundation of admiration there.

For Christmas this year, in addition to the awesome painting that's already up on a wall, I'm asking for that little ritual to continue.

I bet there's some sweet thing your darling does for you, a thing you don't always notice. Maybe your gift this year could include taking notice. Wrap it in some appreciation and I guarantee your home will be a sweeter place to live.

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