Saturday, February 26, 2011

A cure for what ails you 2

When you're in a funk, no matter what colour of funk, I think one of the cures (after Scandinave, of course,) is green.
Two weeks ago, I put some seeds, basil and thyme and a decorative grass, into those little peat pods you see in the gardening section of hardware store these days. They're in their own little windowsill greenhouse after careful watering. I'm not sure how they managed to germinate, since I had the lid off nearly every day, looking for, hoping for evidence of growth, anything at all.

Today, six little basil plants and five little thymes are about a centimetre high. The grass, inexplicably, has just one little shoot growing. Even so, I get a smile every single time I look at them.

I forgot to put on labels, but I'm pretty sure the basil and thyme will tell me who's who when they get a little older.

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