Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A deal with myself

Who can I complain to if I don't live up to a deal I made with myself?

Ten degrees is the line for me. The line between running and not running, and I want to break my deal.

When winter started to (sort of) arrive this year, a lot of people asked me whether I would continue my running even with snow in the air and on the ground. After a summer of fitness and fun, and a few lung-chilling attempts on the trails, I hemmed and hawwwed. Eventually, I made a deal with myself: I would not run in the snow, but would pick my shoes back up when the temperature hit plus ten.

Even though my inspiration for running is leaving the country this weekend, I'm determined to continue training. Just not when the weather is crummy, mildly crummy, or might be crummy.

I have legions of reasons (excuses) for this: 1) I run with my dog leashed to my waist, so if it's icy, I can't really control where we'll go should she suddenly see something very interesting 2) I hate being cold. (yes, I skip a curling team, and it doesn't get a whole lot colder than standing on ice for two hours, but I digress...) 3) I hate being cold 4) I hate being cold.

But today, it's not cold. It's going to be sunny and plus 12.
Where did I store my shoes?

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