Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Women of Words

Heather, Margaret, Christie and Maureen. These are the writers I seek out every day when I make the rounds of the online newspapers. Heather Mallick in the Star, Margaret Wente of the Globe, Christie Blatchford in the Post and Maureen Dowd of the Times. They and Sue Ann Levy of the Sun and Rosie Dimanno of the Star, oh, what I would give to have them all at a dinner party!

In her column today, Mallick laments what she sees as a battle over women's reproductive rights that's being fought AGAIN or perhaps STILL in the US. Her upset comes from a confluence of events including comments from a Toronto police officer, rhetoric from the Republican race for presidential nominees and Rush Limbaugh's radio show wherein the corpulent drug addict loudly and repeatedly called a female university student a 'slut'. The reason Limbaugh used that word and also called the student a prostitute dozens of times over the last few days before he finally apologised? The student testified at the US congress, advocating for birth control to be included in her student health insurance.

It is always amusingly ironic when people like Limbaugh, married four times, have disparaging opinions on the sexual habits of other people. Is there no mirror in his house? I also find it strange when people like him, so in favour of going after the Taliban and other Muslim extremists, adopt some of the attitudes held by their enemies.

But I also find it ironic that Mallick worries so publicly about women being under siege. Surely if things are as bad as she's making out, I wouldn't have access to her opinions, published in a national newspaper along with those of her well-paid colleagues.

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